Round Beads Navratan Mala Natural Gemstone

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Round Beads Navratan Mala Natural Gemstone


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Round Beads Navratan Mala Natural Gemstone


A great and powerful mala of navratna that is nine gems. Gems are considered to be the best for strengthening the positive influences of planets. They intensify the rays of the planets they represent. Each gem stone is specific to ascertain planet and takes positive traits of that planet. These beautiful, cold, hard stones are believed to provide supernatural powers that would protect the wearer from illness, misfortune and danger.


This Navratan Mala consists of nine gems namely Coral, Topaz, Blue sapphire, Pearl, Cat's eye, Gomedh, Crystal, Emerald, Ruby.


Ruby : Stone for Lord Sun (Manik)


This is the gem of Sun, it improves the concentration of mind and gives lusture to the skin . This gem gives all round success in life and is the karka for leadership. This improves the leadership qualities and puts the person in forefront. It gives intellectual capabilities and improves one's writing and speaking powers.


Yellow Sapphire : Stone for Jupiter (Pukhraj)


This gem of Bhrashpati gives one material wealth and prosperity. It is worn to give one comforts and also status. People aspiring for administrative and political positions must wear it to give them the benefit of fate on their side. It also improves the working of liver and thus improves health and gives radiance to skin.


Emerald : Stone for Mercury (Panna)


This Gem of Lord Ganesha is the favoured Gem of the people seeking intellectual powers as well as for those seeking wealth .This calms down the nervous system and improves the capacity to take decisions. It improves the liquidity and money flow in business and blesses the wearer with liquid assets.


White Sapphire (Saffed Pukhraj)


This gem of Venus, it gives one glamour and radiance which makes one stand apart from the crowd. It improves sex appeal, improves the innovative powers and megha shakti, worn by people who want to stand apart and be remembered like actors, models, players etc. People in public relations can also benefit a lot from it.


Red Coral : Stone for Mars (Moonga)


Coral : This is the gem of Hanumanjee, it bestows upon a person courage and strength. This also improves the muscular system and improve the capability of bone-marrow to produce red blood cells .It improves the process of absorption of oxygen by the lungs and there by gives strength to the entire body and removes my diseases which are not understood by the medical profession . This also removes the effect of tantra and evil spirits. If you have uncomfortable dreams this is a must for you.


Blue Sapphire : Stone for Saturn (Neelam)


Blue sapphire is the most talked about gem. It gives status and influence in the society . Most of the famous people wear this gem to achieve great benefits in life. It gives rare ideas and skills and enhances the innovative power of mind, said to fight depression and gives serenity to the mind. Must for people in the creative field and those who desire fame .


Pearl : Stone for Moon


In the Astrological works the moon is considered as signification of heart (man) and thus wearing a Pearl brings one out of depressions and gives a calm and vibrant feeling.


The memory is also improved and the general interaction with other people is more fruitful. It can cure all diseases arising out of heart.


The orange cosmic rays emitted by the Pearl helps in splitting and exploding the negative energy in the body. It helps in cleaning and decongesting the negative emotions and negative energy particles in the Aura.


Gomedh : Stone for Rahu


This is a Gem of Rahu (Dragon's Head ) Rahu gives mental tensions- unnecessary worries and strained relationships .Wearing its gem gives one mental peace and freedom from worries .rahu is said to give professional excellence and demolishes the enemy power by its strong force.


Cats Eye (Lehsuniya) : Stone for Ketu


This is a Gem of Ketu (Dragon's Tail ). By wearing this gem one is able to subdue his enemies and is able to remove the effect of any negative forces working on him. This gives one social recognition and sudden spurts of growth. It protects from Erratic income and bestows stability in life. This is the gem of Moksha and frees one from the cycles of life and death.


All these gems stringed in one mala make a very powerful combination. The best part of Navratna is, it can be worn be anybody and any age group. Even if one has no horoscope. Gems are considered to be the best for strengthening the positive influences of planets. They intensify the rays of the planets they represent.


Benefits of Navaratna : According to Mani Mala II: Wearing gem ornaments brings about, fame, longevity, wealth, happiness, strength and fruitarian. Moreover, it wards off bad celestial influences, makes the physiology healthy, eliminates misery, promotes fortune and washes off sin.



Navratna Mala (natural Gemstone And Rudraksha)

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Round Beads Navratan Mala Natural Gemstone